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Character back ground:

You are all training to be Nephilim: Genetically engineered warriors of the Terran Alliance. Your “Star” of 4 people have been together since you were all about 6 or 7 years old and you are all within 6 months of age. Starting the campaign you are all 15 or 16 years old, between 5’11’’ and 6’4’’ tall and between 180 to 230 lbs (weight 15% greater than a body builder of the same height as your muscle and bone density is greater. Ballpark weight is 190/210 (female/male) for 6’ and go up or down from there).

You have never been sick a day in your life that you know of. Combat scenarios with other Stars rarely make you break a sweat, though you were all a little tired and hungry after that 3 on 1 they surprised you with (12 people vs you 4). For as long as you can remember, your mentor/teacher has been Ari (short for Ariel): An AI. You have seen on two occasions Ari override the orders of the schools military commander when it came to the 4 of you. The first time was when you decided to “thank” another Star for putting mentholated muscle cream on the interior of your armor suits: She informed the commandant that you would not be punished in any manor and that the bruised, bloody and unconscious Star you left behind would be on extra duty for interfering with Her project. The other was when the Commandant demanded that the opposing side get live ammunition to make it a “fair fight” and informed him that any more childish requests would result in his no longer needing to concern himself with the Academy.

Game system: BESM (big eyes small mouth)
Books: I have pdf’s of the books we need, no purchase needed.
Character: Characters will be built from a template and extra points given for individualization.
Classes required: I do not subscribe to the “holy trinity” of gaming. If everyone wants to play a combat gorilla, or all stealth it matters not. While I run a heavy role play campaign there will be a fair amount of combat as well. its a story based around armed conflict so go figure.

Main Page

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